Why Does My Air Conditioning Smell Like Vinegar

Why Does My Air Conditioning Smell Like Vinegar

Air conditioner units are generally designed to make the inside space of your home or any other place feel comfortable and fresh. So, experiencing the smell of unpleasant odour like vinegar as soon as you switch on the air conditioner is the last thing you should face. Sometimes, starting up an air conditioner invites this kind of scenario. But have you ever thought of ‘why does my air conditioning smell like vinegar?’ If not, start thinking now.

An air conditioner exhales a vinegar-like smell for many reasons. One of the common reasons you can think of is the growth of mould and bacteria inside of the unit, and this is absolutely the right reason. However, the vinegar odour is not only because of odour, but also a few other reasons. We listed out the reasons as follows:

Answers For Your Question ‘Why Does My Air Conditioner Smell Like Vinegar’

Once you get here, you will have all your answers and reasons for your queries about why does my air conditioning smell like vinegar. Read further to know all the ‘WHYs’.

Mould And Bacteria

You might not know but there may already be the presence of bacteria and mould growth inside of the air conditioner ductwork. The issue of mould and bacteria growth arises due to the moisture levels in your air conditioner system; for some time now. Thus, this situation can be likely dangerous which declines the indoor air quality. Also, it is very damaging to the air conditioner.

Uncurbed Moisture On Coils

AC Working Process: The air conditioner working depends on a filter, which pulls in the indoor air and later blows it away across copper coils– refrigerant filled. At the same time, these coils lease the air temperature and gather moisture from air dampness. As a result, this moisture gets void to the condensate pan and is later disposed of. Hence, the cold and dry air blows back into your place. Condensate pan is affixed mainly to pump the water to the outdoor of the place or to a floor drain.

However, if this complete process of an air conditioner working gets disturbed by chance, there is no doubt in arising why does my air conditioning smell like vinegar question.

Blocks In Condensate Pan

The reason for blockages in condensate pan deals with the following issues: 

  • Hasn’t serviced your air conditioner on regular basis
  • Run your air conditioner for longer periods of time with the absence of filter

As for the condensate pan, you can find it in the air handler under refrigerant coils. In fact, these are usually in charge of catching steam while cold coils drain. Moreover, waste materials like hair or some other things can block away from the condensate pan in the middle. Hence, this can also be a reason why does my air conditioner smell like vinegar.

Functioning Issues With Filter

Multiple issues with the air conditioner arise if you have a cold from an old air conditioner unit. Similarly, for an old air conditioner, the malfunctioning filter prevents from pulling in the cold air from outside. In addition to this, it disturbs the complete working cycle of the air conditioner unit. As a result, this leads to the dampness and humidity increase inside of the AC unit, which creates ideal conditions for mould growth. Now, this is the good reason why does my air conditioning smell like vinegar, don’t you think so?

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